About Me, Myself, and this Site1

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I’m a Combat Veteran2 turned Accidental Academic / Social Scientist3 turned PR Assistant / SciComm Aficionado turned Computational Social Scientist4, based in Berlin, Germany.

Currently, I’m working for the Berlin-based Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) & the D.C.-based Ranking Digital Rights research initiative.

This Site

My current focus is on creating stuff with R (SNA, NLP, DataViz, GIS/Maps, Publishing/Writing/Blogging) — including this very kind of code-centric reporting / blogging as demonstrated with this website —, and thereby exploring/prototyping the potential of Code + Markdown + JS based workflows for replication-friendly, data-driven, FOSS-based Open Science - academic or not.


My biggest project so far was being a Digital Officer (project-based, 1 year) for a big German think tank’s shot at digital publishing, digitally supported research, and digitized science communication. I also wrote a bit on the methodology (in German) re: digital tools & the makings of the project’s website. You can find out more here (in German) or have your own look at the results here.

(**One visual element from the "Urban Spaces" project @ SWP Berlin)**


From time to time, I’m exploring ways to help not-for-profit organisations advance their mission. I create maps, data visualisations, or interactive stand-alone web apps with a low-dependency & low-maintainance stack (i.e. static web site renderer with LTS JS framework versions & CC-based templates). Check out my portofolio for a visual impression.

My Portfolio


See the Talks page for slides, and workshop materials.


You’ll find me on:

GPDR, Data Protection, Privacy

This is a static site written with R Markdown and compiled/rendered locally (with Hugo powered by Blogdown) on my laptop — without a CMS, any data bases, cookies, trackers, or whatever. I don’t run a mailing list, don’t collect any data and there’s nothing to opt in here https://dadascience.design/*. When in doubt, consult this or XKCD.

  1. Oxford Comma FTW! [return]
  2. Army / Mechanized Infantry [return]
  3. Communication Science and Political Science, B.A. thesis on “Fifty Shades of Data” [return]
  4. (My Master’s degree is literally just Political Science as a major and (Applied) Computer Science as a “minor”, rooted in my own little epistemology for data-driven “(arti)facts”. My upcoming thesis will be focussed on predicting crises with geodata and deep learning exploring the potential of {UI|UX|HCI} research methods for prototyping computational social science as a practice [return]