About Me, Myself, and this Site1

You can find this website’s source files on GitHub: https://github.com/ellocke/GithubPage


I’m a Combat Veteran2 turned Accidental Academic / Social Scientist3 turned PR Assistant / SciComm Aficionado turned Computational Social Scientist4, based in Berlin, Germany.

Currently, I’m working for the Berlin-based Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) & the D.C.-based Ranking Digital Rights research initiative.

This Site

Mostly, I’ll be writing about solving problems you didn’t know you had or won’t ever have since you’re not using Windows 10. My current focus is on creating stuff with R (SNA, NLP, DataViz, Maps, Publishing/Writing/Blogging) — including this very kind of code-centric reporting / blogging as demonstrated with this website —, and thereby exploring/prototyping the potential of R, RStudio, and Markdown/Blogdown/Bookdown based workflows for replication-friendly, data-driven, FOSS-based Open Science - academic or not.


My biggest project so far was being a Digital Officer (project-based, 1 year) for a big German think tank’s shot at digital publishing, digitally supported research, and digitized science communication. I also wrote a bit on the methodology (in German) re: digital tools & the makings of the project’s website. You can find out more here (in German) or have your own look at the results here.

(**One visual element from the "Urban Spaces" project @ SWP Berlin)**


See the Talks page for slides, and workshop materials.


You’ll find me on:

Feel free to drop me a line any time.

GPDR, Data Protection, Privacy

This is a static site written with R Markdown and compiled/rendered locally (with Hugo powered by Blogdown) on my laptop — without a CMS, any data bases, cookies, trackers, or whatever. I don’t run a mailing list, don’t collect any data and there’s nothing to opt in here https://dadascience.design/*. When in doubt, consult this or XKCD.

  1. Oxford Comma FTW! [return]
  2. Army / Mechanized Infantry [return]
  3. Communication Science and Political Science, B.A. thesis on “Fifty Shades of Data” [return]
  4. (My Master’s degree is literally just Political Science as a major and (Applied) Computer Science as a “minor”, rooted in my own little epistemology for data-driven “(arti)facts”. My upcoming thesis will be focussed on predicting crises with geodata and deep learning exploring the potential of {UI|UX|HCI} research methods for prototyping computational social science as a practice [return]