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Computational Social Science | HCI/UX | Data & Information Visualisation | GIS/Mapping | Open Science | Research Data Management


My Mission


Ilja Sperling | fubits

I'm passionate about helping non-profits build human-centered design solutions to support social action.

My Philosophy


Action needs data – not spreadsheets.

Jailbreak Excel and focus on your goals. With functional data management, automation & reproducibility.


Before turning to Computer Science I finished my B.A. in Politics and Communication Studies. I worked in academic research, PR, and policy. I'm home in both worlds.


What if social research had the UX of Data-Driven Journalism?

Apply human-centered design principles to address the right questions.

My Portfolio


Krieg vor der Haustür

A full-paged colored regional map for the front matter, picking up the hue from the book's cover theme. Three tile-sized maps for the back matter, focusing on single states and subregions.


Nowhere to Hide

Double-paged, styleguide compliant vector illustration for a research report, mapping the spatial distribution of 336 chemical attacks in Syria. Three inset maps zoom in on the main theaters.


Nowhere to Hide

Three case study maps, highlighting changes in territorial control during selected campaigns of chemical attacks. Two styleguide-compliant bicolor schemes represent gains/losses by rebels and state/regime actors. A full-page illustration outlines the deadly path of a helicopter regiment.


Urban Spaces Project

Conception, technical project coordination, and content implementation of an online-first research paper design, complemented by a regular print product.


Urban Spaces Project

This "pilot" involved a team of 30 people from all divisions, and took more than one year from the first workshop to launch.


China's Silk Road

A full-paged b/w regional map of Asia, including the challenge of emphasizing four subregions.


During the last years I have designed products as diverse as data visualizations, responsive single-page and subpage web layouts, a DTP corporate news template, migrated content during a website relaunch of an academic society, or turned a corporate styleguide into a subdomain website.

My Stack

UX & Design Thinking

Data Processing

GIS & Mapping

Network Analysis

Web Development

Data Visualisation

Custom Design Solutions for Not-for-Profit Action

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